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Becoming an Advocate

Your quick guide to getting set up

Advocates of the Initiative unite in providing accessible information on due diligence procedures related to their products/services in a standardised format, becoming active participants in promoting and contributing to the shared narrative of safety.

Getting set up is as easy as 1,2,3;
1. Create a singular webpage or document, showing how your customers would undertake due diligence in regards to your products/services*. You can see an example page here, and the template below for guidance.
2. Sign up and get access to your account as well as the Safer Ironmongery Initiative brand pack.
3. Set up your directory listing- proudly share your commitment as an advocate!

*What should be included?
This Initiative simply requires transparency and clarity about claims made. If your organisation has claimed to have particular memberships, partnerships, affiliations, accreditations, certifications etc., the requirement is to provide a clear way that this can be verified.

This might look like providing links to your own website or third party websites, providing email addresses or contacts, downloadable certificates, or explaining where information can otherwise be found. Contact information is required in case of any queries. 

Important: Before proceeding, ensure you have read and understood the Advocate Agreement.

Example Advocates Template

Getting set up as an Advocate for The Safer Ironmongery Initiative is a straightforward process. See the example below to help envision how your business might participate, feel free to use this template and delete those that don't apply!

The aims are to ensure transparency and accountability, by providing clear verification methods for your organisations claims. This can be done by including relevant links, downloadable certificates, or explanations for each category that is relevant to your business. Ensure contact information is readily available for any queries, that any links work and all evidence provided is in date/kept up to date.

Example: How to Verify [Your Company Name]
Find out more about the history of [Company Name] and what we do at [about link]. This page is dedicated to help you in undertaking due diligence with regard to choosing our products and services. 

Our Trade & Professional Memberships: We are a member of;
[Trade Association ]- You can verify this at [link] and by viewing our [certificate].
[Professional Membership]-You can verify this at [link] and by viewing our [certificate].

Our Certifications: [Company Name] holds ISO [XXXXX] certification. You can contact [link] for verification and view our certificate here: [link to certificate].

Our Affiliations: We are [affiliates/partners] with [Organisation Name], an organisation involved in [activities]. You can verify this by viewing our joint press releases at [link] + [link] and by emailing [email address].

Our Associations: As an associate member with the [Association] for [describe the scope/activities], we are responsible to uphold [code of conduct/standards]. Verify our membership [here]. 

Our Accreditations: We hold accreditation from [Accrediting Body] for compliance with [describe scope] standards. You can verify this by [explain process/provide links].

Awards & Nominations: We were nominated for [award] in [year] as seen in [magazine/press release]. We also received the [name of award] for [award category] in [year], which you can see on [link].

Professional Committee's, Panels & Boards: [Company Name] is a member of [panel]. This can be checked by emailing [email address]. We also contribute to the [name] committee, which works on [describe scope/topic]. You will find us on the committee contact page [here].

Staff Training: Our staff undergo regular training for Continual Professional Development (CPD). As well as our induction training;
Staff competencies are benchmarked against [refer to competency framework/internal quality management processes used]. Our process for benchmarking competencies is available in our [quality policy].
[Number] of our staff have undertaken courses certified by [Certifying Body] evidenced by [certificates/confirmation of attendance]. 
[Number] of our staff are part of a third party CPD Scheme with [organisation], where they are required to [explain scheme requirements here], which can be verified by checking the [link to evidence].
[Number] of our staff hold [status i.e. Chartered status] with [association], verifiable by checking [link to evidence/explain process required].
All of our staff/Our [insert department] are part of our internal CPD scheme- for more information about our training programme, or evidence of staff's professional competencies, such as qualification certificates, please contact [email address].

Product Data/Performance Claims: 
Data Sheets & Line Drawings: All data sheets are available to download here: [link] / Are available on each product page on our website- simply scroll to the [section] of the product page to view.
Test Evidence: Can be downloaded [here] / on each product page in the [describe where].
DoP's: Our Declaration of Performances can be seen at [link]/on each product page in the [describe where].
Fixing Instructions: Are supplied with the products / are available on each product page on our website / are available by video [here] / can be requested by emailing [email address]. 
Warranty's: Read about our warranty [here] / Warranty information is supplied [describe process i.e. at the end of a project, or on request by emailing [email address].
O&M: Operation & Maintenance manuals for projects are supplied [state when, i.e. once all products have been supplied]. 

If you have any queries about products, product data or performance claims please contact us on [email address].

Quality Assurance: Our quality assurance process includes regular inspections and adherence to [standard/process] guidelines. The standards we uphold can be seen; 
-in our portfolio/case studies [provide link]
-in recommendations [provide link]
-in our reviews [provide link]

Contacting Us: For enquiries regarding our ironmongery safety practices, please contact [Name] at [Email Address] or [Phone Number].

Last updated: DD-MM-YY 

Like Crossing T's?

Ironmongery is often used in the wrong application, making it impractical to anticipate every potential misuse during specification, purchase, or installation. To address this, The Safer Ironmongery Initiative includes warning labels for products in its brand pack, advising to 'fit according to manufacturer’s instructions & intended use'.

These cautionary labels can be printed for use or incorporated into installation guides, printed on product packaging, and displayed on online product listings. This unified approach aims to effectively communicate the importance of correct usage throughout the supply chain and industry.

While not obligatory for advocates, endorsing the initiative presents an opportunity to raise awareness at various touchpoints in the customer journey. For instance, in quotations, estimates and schedules, companies can emphasise the need for due diligence and direct clients to relevant resources by referring back to their 'how to verify' page.

Online platforms, such as e-commerce checkouts, offer a convenient channel to educate customers. Including educational acknowledgements like 'I understand that ironmongery can be safety critical: it must be suitable for its intended use and installed as per instructions' can reinforce awareness and responsibility.

The strategies to promote due diligence will vary depending on each company's context and it's essential to tailor approaches to suit individual needs: give consideration as to what might work for you....and if you're eager to be a part of this journey towards enhanced safety, get involved today!

Together, let's forge a brighter, safer future.

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